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A Tale of Love, Innovation and a good cup of coffee: Claire and Grega’s Lockdown Venture


During a challenging lockdown, an idea blossomed in the hearts of Claire and Grega, two passionate individuals with a shared dream.

This is a story of how they embarked on a unique adventure, transforming a humble tea room into a community hub that would delight the senses and bring people together.

Join us as we unfold the journey of Claire and Grega, whose love for each other and determination led them to create something extraordinary.

The Old Barn

The Serendipitous Moment

One evening during the lockdown, Claire was cutting Grega’s hair at Coco Rose Hair Studio, her very own salon. Amidst the buzz of scissors and friendly conversation, a brilliant idea struck Claire – what if they took over the tea room?

Conveniently, the owners were considering selling the place, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity for the duo to make their mark in the culinary world.

A Culinary Love Story

Before their journey with the tea room, Grega had ventured from Slovenia to Jersey to work as a talented chef at Green Island. Fate had other plans for him, as he found not only his passion for food but also the love of his life, Claire. Their love story, intertwined with their shared entrepreneurial spirit, would become the foundation of their new venture.

A Feast of Dedication

Determined to create a unique dining experience, Claire and Grega rolled up their sleeves and worked tirelessly. They transformed the tea room from the ground up, ripping up carpets, redesigning the space, repainting walls, and upgrading the flooring. The highlight was undoubtedly the brand-new kitchen, a testament to Grega’s culinary prowess.

Connecting the Neighbourhood

The old barn-turned-tea room aimed to connect the local community to an exquisite dining experience. Claire and Grega strived to connect people through delightful culinary creations.

Their goal was to make it a place where friends and families could come together to enjoy unique seasonal dishes sourced from local businesses, all expertly cooked to perfection by Grega himself.

Synergy Between Love and Business

With Coco Rose Hair Studio and The Old Barn side by side, Claire found herself not only nurturing her clients’ looks but also being treated to delicious meals by Grega.

In return, Grega found the perfect partner to keep him in shape and support his culinary endeavours.

The harmony between their professions and passions added a unique charm to both businesses, creating an atmosphere of warmth and community.


Claire and Grega’s story exemplify the power of love, innovation, and hard work. Through their joint venture, they transformed a tea room into a neighbourhood gem where people could connect over incredible food and share heartfelt moments.

Their journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the beauty of pursuing dreams, even during challenging times. So, the next time you visit The Old Barn, savor not only the delicious flavours but also the love and dedication that made it all possible.